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Hi Marty,
I received the guitar today and have been playing it non-stop for the last couple of hours... WOW... I'm speechless.... Totally worth the wait...
The build quality is outstanding with a beautiful finish showing off the Koa wood grain. The neck is totally awesome and super-comfortable, and like you said, the sound resonates throughout the entire guitar! Thank you sooooo much for building me such a beautiful instrument. It's exactly what I've been looking for years, and now I've found it.
The sound is something else, both clean tones with the coil split and the full humbuckers. Those Rio Grande's do the job alright ;-) The guitar has masses of natural sustain, and the intonation is spot on throughout the entire neck. Simply put: it's an absolute masterpiece. Well done Marty. I expected a good guitar, but this has surpassed my expectations...
I'll record some video of me playing it over the next few days, and will get some photos of me with it to you very soon.
We must catch up again on the phone soon :-)
Thank you SO much - this guitar is exquisite and I'll cherish it forever!

Hi Marty,
Just to let you know, we took some photos yesterday and will have them ready either today or tomorrow :-)
My guitar is fucking awesome, it plays and sings like no other, and it's clean tones are unbelievably full and acoustic-like. I've been recording with it almost non-stop since it got here, I'll be in a position to send you an mp3 soon so you can hear it. As well as being very heavy and crisp on heavy rhythms, it has a very sweet and warm tone. I was recording a ballad a couple of days ago called 'Echo Bay' (from my upcoming album Shadows & Light) and I was really taken with the guitar's tone. Most of the ballad is played with the guitar's volume pot on about 4, and then I turn it up all the way for the choruses, etc. Doing this really captures the guitar's 'woody' sound yet still allows it's dynamics to shine through.

Hi Marty,
Just a quick email to let you know that I've been recently recording extensively with my Siggery Guitar and can honestly say that it's the best guitar I've ever owned and played by a million miles. I know I've said this before, but after all the recording I've recently done using such a variety of sounds and techniques, I can now say this with absolute conviction. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and perfect instrument. It never ceases to amaze me just how playable it is and how great it sounds. Its tone can be super heavy yet very melodic and fat; while it's clean tone capabilities are actually quite staggering. And although it has the characteristic 'dark' tone of mahogany, the string separation when amplified or played acoustically is very special and unique. A couple of songs on the new album have chords picked slowly while the amps are cranked up and overdriven, and you can hear every single note ring through with hardly any oscillation whatsoever from the pickups and overdriven amp. A new webpage is currently being built specifically for the guitar and should be up on my site soon with a direct link to yours. I'll elaborate about the guitar on the page and mention the sonic capabilities of it. Hopefully guitarists will realize the overwhelmingly massive difference between a factory made instrument and one of yours!
Hope you're ok and well and not too snowbound in the UK!
Wishing you a great Christmas and New Year!




Hi Marty
Just to let you know the guitar has arrived safely. What a beautiful instrument! Really chuffed. Nice job with the scalloping! I see what you mean re the fanned frets - it's very easy to adjust to and it's only really at the extreme ends of the fretboard where it's most noticeable. I'll
put this through its paces at the weekend when I can plug it into an amp. Many thanks again for all the extra work you put into this.........
Ok, I had a chance to plug in to my amp and crank it up at the weekend, though I think I spent more time just sitting there and admiring it on the guitar stand! Sounding good anyway!
Cheers and thanks again for crafting such an awesome instrument!

Hi Marty
Hope you are keeping well.
Well I got the Supernova on the plane ok as my hand luggage (whew). I have spent a couple of days getting used to it, doing few tweaks. it is one of the best guitars I've ever owned :-)
Those pickups are MASSIVE; perfect design, they look a bit like Charlie Christian pup's (underneath); I always know a good bridge pickup, at least to my ears, because even tho' it's at the bridge it doesn't sound thin. The neck pup is as warm as toast; and yes, like you said, the twin pup sound is massive... you really nailed it!!!!
Whenever I pick up this guitar (which is pretty well all day for the last two days) I constantly see your incredible standard of workmanship. I have no doubt that more and more the very best musicians will love your work. Frankly, if you want it, I can easily see you being recognised as one of the top luthiers in the UK. I know you're not into long emails and it's probably not your favourite method of communication, but I just wanted to share some of my joy with you. I'll be thanking you forever....
Kind regards,


Jake Brown - Siggery Roadbass



This really is a great bass and the craftsmanship is fantastic, honestly in the flesh it could be passed off as a Sadowsky M24 with ease.
The bass can easily nail the 3 main classic tones with ease whilst retaining it's own character, both recorded and live this bass delivers.

Recently acquired this beaut (Roadbass) and I can honestly say that Marty Siggery has made an astonishing bass, for less than half the price of a Sadowsky M24 as well.
Having previously owned the blue NYC Sadowsky which is currently up for sale, I can happily say it pretty much beats it for both playability and tone.
It's pretty criminal that many guys on here haven't heard of Marty Siggery, Marty's stuff just looks so professional

A while back I mentioned I was having a plexi strat built..more a project than anything serious. Here it is! Marty from Siggery guitars put a little overtime into this and I have to say I'm amazed, although it weighs about the same as an SUV.
It's fitted with bare knuckles and really sings. It originally had a plexi neck but Marty realising it was warped decided to make a new neck and graft the plexi head on what a nice job.
As a builder, keep an eye on this guy!
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Using his Siggery Gussycaster and The Dean Razorback Rebel, Chris Gussman warms up by making a horried noise!!!!


Thanks to Marty Siggery for a fucking stunning guitar and some great photos
This thing is awesome, everything about it is just fantastic, and my hands have adjusted to the fans in less than five minutes. Only thing to get a hang of are the offset inlays tripping me out
Stefan Loh