siggery guitars
siggery guitars
Siggery Guitars having been setting up, refinishing and building guitars for 33 years and worked for the UK importer of Ibanez Guitars 88-97 Fernandes Guitars from 98-00 Larrivee and G&L from 00-07 and have worked with clients such as,

Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne)
Paul Gilbert (Mr Big, Racer X)
Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson)
Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses)
Ed O’ Brien (Radiohead)
Steve Brzezicki (Session)
Paul Samson (Samson)
Dave “Bucket” Colwell (Bad Company)
Gordon Giltrap (Solo Artist)
Adam Clayton (U2)
Tony Muschamp (Session)
Mario Parga (Solo)
Hugh Burns (Session)

All setup work is undertaken for dealers and privately along with guitars built to customer requirements

siggery guitars
siggery guitars